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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the chances of passing a visa interview?
A: The chances of you passing are only as good as your efforts of preparing. The US State Department is not in business to stop dreams, but to allow only those with the best intentions to study in the United States. The better you prepare and answer sincerely and honestly, the more likely you are to be issued a study visa.

Q: What will cause me to be denied?
A: There are things that will automatically cause a visa rejection. These include not showing up to your scheduled visa appointment, not having all the documentation required by the embassy, lying (this could be lying about grades, family members, accomplishments, affiliations, etc.), being viewed as a migration risk, and being a risk of danger or harm to the host country.

Q: Should I memorize my answers?
A: No, absolutely not. Be prepared but not rehearsed. If you memorize your answers, it may not come across as sincere (honest and from the heart). Your answers must be your own, sincere, from the heart, and the truth. We do recommend learning things about your school and its surrounding area (like the local sports team, etc.), but do not just memorize a word-for-word answer.

Q: Is success guaranteed?
A: Unfortunately, we (or anyone) cannot guarantee a successful visa interview. We can guarantee that you will be better prepared for your visa interview, and will thus your your chances of passing your student-visa interview will increase.

Q: What if something happens, and I am unable to have my scheduled practice interview?
A: We understand things come up, so we allow for one reschedule. We highly recommend you schedule the practice interview for a time where you know nothing will interfere and when you will have access to either a good phone line or good internet reception.

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