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Practice Interview

Be more confident in your interview

Practice with a Foreigner

A live professional from the US and abroad will administer each practice interview

Review common questions

Practice visa interview questions which are common and cause problems for students

Live Professional Feedback

Receive live and professional feedback from a trained professional from abroad

Be Prepared and Gain Confidence 

Be better prepared and have confidence from your practice visa interview

Student Testimonials

Practice Interview helped me be ready for my interview. I did research on the internet, but was not confident. They helped me be ready for my interview and gave me confidence.

Ming XingBusiness student - China

I felt more prepared for my visa interview after my practice interview. I don't have a lot of opportunities to practice my answers or speak with Americans.

Sanjay GuptaEngineering student - India

I needed help for the visa interview. I was nervous. I needed help make me confident. I doubted myself, and practiced to make me comfortable with my answers.

Gun-Hi LeeEngineering student - South Korea

Practicing questions and my answers gave me peace and confidence that I needed to pass my interview.

BlessingEducation student - Nigeria

Doing a practice interview made me comfortable so I had confidence in the real interview.

Patricia MirandaBusiness student - Brazil

The interview was nice. I enjoyed the talk and making me feel comfortable with foreigners.

Yoshi SatoCyber security student - Japan

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